Calearo Aerial Shark Ii Am/Fm



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Product Description

TitleAerial - Shark Fin - AM/FM
Part NumberANC7727050

Product Information
  • Calearo 2nd generation high performance AM/FM Shark Fin antenna
  • Universal
  • Satin black finish

Manufacturer's Description

There are many reasons why you would want to buy yourself new car audio accessories. You may want to upgrade your audio system, some parts may be worn or you may want to improve the look and feel of your interior. Either way, Celsus have a wide variety of car audio accessories to meet your needs. If your original roof mount antenna is damaged or want to improve the look of your exterior, there are a number of antenna alternatives available, including this shark fin. In recent years this look has become more popular, streamlining the look of vehicles whilst changing the typical long, straight antennas to that with more of an edge. This particular model is the 2nd generation high performance fin. Please refer to the technical details section for a full vehicle application. Calearo is a historic Italian Group, experiencing high level international growth, specialized in telecommunications and characterized by a tradition of innovative technological solutions for a competitive and rapidly evolving market. Supplying a host of international recognised car manufacturers Calearo Antennas are chosen performance is paramount. As a competent solution provider, Calearo relies on its background history, its vocation and its investments in research to satisfy and even to anticipate market demands.