Cam & Valve Train Cam & Valve Train

Cam & Valve Train

What is a camshaft & valve train?

The camshaft and valve train are parts responsible for the opening and closing of the inlet and outlet functions of the combustion process. Air is provided by the inlet process and spent exhaust fumes are released by the outlet process.

There are several parts that make up the camshaft and valve train.

These are:

  • Camshaft (Inlet)/li>

  • Camshaft (Outlet, exhaust)

  • Tappet / Lifter

  • Cam follower

  • Valve (Inlet)

  • Valve (Outlet)

How do I choose the correct camshaft and valve train parts?

Obtaining the original (OE) part numbers and comparing them against matching parts is the sure way of sourcing the correct replacements. Our website has an OE part number search function that will show you parts that match your OE part number.

If you are not able to obtain and compare OE part numbers here are some factors to consider when selecting replacement parts:

  • Engine code

  • If part is listed for the inlet or outlet side

  • Note the quantity required

  • Vehicle manufacture date (this is not the date the vehicle was registered but the date it was made

  • Engine number sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

  • VIN (chassis number) sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

What brand of camshaft and valve train parts should I choose?

As these parts do not require replacement or service as often as other engine parts there are not very many aftermarket makers of them. As these parts are precision engineered, quality is high and matches or exceeds the original manufacturers specifications. You can feel confident in ordering any brand knowing the parts will be of the highest quality.

How can I tell my camshaft or valve train parts need replacing?

Issues with the camshaft, valves or tappets/lifter should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent damage to the surrounding parts. We would always recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to receive an accurate diagnosis that these parts need attention.

Some of the symptoms of failing camshaft and valve train parts are:

  • Check engine light is illuminated

  • Engine is sputtering, misfiring or backfiring

  • Engine does not idle smoothly

  • Loss of engine power

  • Loud ticking sound from the upper part of the engine

  • There are metal particles in the oil

  • Smokey exhaust fumes due to misfiring

  • Excessive oil use

  • Decreased fuel economy

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