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Part number: TCS501
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Part number: TCS011/TCS112
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Part number: 832
Title Driveway Cleaner - 2 Litre

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Vehicles for all shapes and sizes can leave oily, greasy or even fuel marks on your driveway. These can be unsightly and difficult to clean off without the right type of cleaner. To make sure you are using the best in order to gain optimum results makes sure you are using Gunk’s Driveway Cleaner.

The driveway cleaner from Gunk has been specifically formulated to remove stubborn oil based stains from your driveways, garage floors, paths and patios. It is strong and effective and can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac.

For more than 50 years, Granville’s Gunk range has been the industry leader and one of the most trusted names in cleaning and degreasing. It has provided optimized solutions to tackle the toughest grease, grime and gunk throughout the garage.

Granville are a manufacturer of high quality lubricants and automotive chemicals. Granville have a wide range of products and brands which enables them to utilise their knowledge and expertise to create innovate and quality products. With over 40 years of knowledge within the market, this UK based manufacture continuously develops and strives to keep up with the dynamic pace of the automotive industry.

  • Removes unsightly oil stains from driveways, garage floors, paths and patios
  • Can be diluted for use on asphalt and tarmac
  • Deep penetrating and fast acting
Gunk 832 Driveway Cleaner 2L


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