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Brake Drums

What is a brake drum?

A brake drum is part of the rear brake system where the vehicle uses brake shoes rather than a disc and pad system. The brake drum is positioned over the brake shoes on the rear axle. When the brake cylinder pushes the brake shoes up against the inside of the brake drum it provides braking for the rear wheels.

What comes with a brake drum?

Brake drums are generally sold as a single item unless stated otherwise in the parts listing.

Brake drums can include the following items:

  • Wheel bearing

  • ABS sensor

How do I choose the correct brake drum?

Brake systems can vary between the same model of vehicle. With this in mind there are a number of different factors to consider when choosing correct replacements. We recommend reading any compatibility notes listed next to a part that is shown as correct for your vehicle.

Some of these compatibility notes can include:

  • Original manufacturer of the brake system

  • Diameter of the drum

  • Depth of the drum

  • Does vehicle have ABS

  • Vehicle manufacture date (this is not the date the vehicle was registered but the date it was made

  • VIN (chassis number) sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

What brand of brake drum should I choose?

Brands such as Bosch and TRW manufacture brake system parts directly for the original vehicle manufacturer. These would be classed as premium brands. This is reflected in their cost.

There are high quality aftermarket brands such as Apec, Blue Print, Borg & Beck, Febi and Juratek that offer long warranty cover which shows the confidence they have in the quality of their products.

The brand you choose is likely down to your budget and the length of warranty provided. We’d recommend the brand with 2 or more years warranty cover.

How can I tell my brake drums needs replacing?

If you have any concerns about your brake system we would always recommend that you consult a qualified mechanic who will be able to diagnose any issues.

Here are some symptoms of a faulty or worn out brake drum:

  • Vibrations when braking

  • Scraping, grinding or squealing noise when braking

  • Poor braking performance

  • The parking brake does not work properly

  • Car pulls to one side while braking

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