PayPal Pay in 3


What is PayPal Pay in 3?

Pay in 3 is an interest-free loan that lets you split your order total into 3 payments. The first payment is due at time of purchase and the remaining payments are due every month on the same date.

Please note that Pay in 3 is a form of credit, so carefully consider whether you can afford the repayments and be aware of the possible impact of missing payments, including future eligibility.


Will I be able to use PayPal Pay in 3?

If you choose PayPal Pay in 3 as your payment method when you check out with PayPal, you'll be taken through the application process. You will get a decision instantly, but not everyone will be approved based on our internal checks.


How can I pay with PayPal Pay in 3?

Select PayPal as your method of payment and follow the steps to log in. You can apply for a Pay in 3 plan as a payment option. You will get an instant decision and you can finish checking out.


What purchase amounts qualify for PayPal Pay in 3?

PayPal Pay in 3 is available on order values between £30 and £2,000 (GBP).


What are the terms and conditions for my Pay in 3 plan?

If you choose to pay using PayPal Pay in 3 you must read Paypals cash advance agreement for your Pay in 3 plan before you submit your application with them. You will see a link to the cash advance agreement when you choose to apply for Pay in 3 at the checkout. You will also have the option to download the cash advance agreement from PayPal when you have registered or logged in.

Please note the Paypal Pay in 3 is a service provided and managed by PayPal.

Once your plan starts, PayPal will send you an email containing important information about your Pay in 3 plan. This will include how to locate your cash advance agreement.


Are there any fees associated with PayPal Pay in 3?

There are no sign-up fees for choosing to pay with PayPal Pay in 3 and no late-payment fees. However, if you miss a repayment, this may impact your ability to access other sources of credit or use Pay in 3 in the future.

Your loan will last 2 months in total. The down payment will be due at the time of purchase, followed by 2 subsequent repayments due each month after that.


I applied for the Pay in 3 pre-approved application and it was denied. Why?

Pre-approval is not a guarantee of approval. For privacy reasons, only you can see why your application was declined. You were shown a reason within the application decision that should have provided additional information.


How refunds are processed with PayPal Pay in 3

If the amount to refund is more than the amount you have paid in instalments then your PayPal account will be refunded.

If your refund total is less than the balance you have left, your refund will be split equally across the remaining instalments The balance for the remaining instalments will be adjusted.


Here is an example:

  • Order total: £150.00
  • 1st instalment: £50.00
  • 2nd instalment: £50.00
  • 3rd instalment: £50.00


Each instalment leaves a remaining balance until complete. If the 1st instalment of £50 has been paid there would be a remaining balance of £100.

If a refund of £50 was made the remaining balance and instalments would look like this:


  • 1st instalment: £50.00 - Paid (£50 refund - remaining balance £50)
  • 2nd instalment: £25.00
  • 3rd instalment: £25.00


Still have questions?

If you have any questions or require more information about your order or about PayPal Pay in 3 please contact our customer service team here.