Most of us view the air-conditioning in our car as something that should be saved for the summer months, when we are desperate for a rush of cool air. However, using the air-conditioning in your car can prolong the life of your vehicle and keep your air-con in good shape for regular use during the summer months.

Firstly, your air-con throughout the year can save you money further down the line, as the system can be at risk of seizing up or having circulation issues if it isn’t used regularly. The air-conditioning system is filled with a refrigerant and some with an oil, which are pushed through the system in a process of condensing, compression and evaporation to create cool air.

It is recommended to keep this liquid flowing to keep the whole system well lubricated and to last longer. Running your air-conditioning for just 10 minutes a week can help keep it in good condition.

Secondly, air-con is effective for reducing moisture inside the car. This can help to keep your windows clear from condensation or frost, while drying out the air vents and preventing any mould from forming.

Air-conditioning is also great for demisting and defrosting your car quickly when it is iced over as the air from the system is dry but can also be used in harmony with your heater. Using the heat settings with air-con will still help to lubricate the system and you will be able to enjoy the warmth.

If your air-conditioning doesn’t feel as cold or as powerful as usual, it may need some maintenance or a regas to get it back to its former glory. Parts for car air-conditioning systems are easy to find and can be changed at your local garage.