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Brake Pads

What are brake pads?

Brake pads are an essential component of any vehicle's braking system. They are responsible for bringing the car to a stop by creating friction with the discs when you press down on the brake pedal. As such, it is crucial that you have high-quality brake pads installed in your car for optimum performance and safety.

What comes in a brake pad set?

Brake pads are sold in sets to complete the replacement of both wheels on the same axle. 2 pads for each wheel so 4 pads are included in a set.

Some brake sets also include additional clips or fitting hardware. If these additional parts are included the stock image will show that or it will be noted in the part information.

How do I choose the correct brake pads?

Brake pads can be one of the most incorrectly ordered parts for a vehicle. Brake pads need to match the correct brake system, disc diameter and thickness. Brake systems are often uprated at the factory if a vehicle has a sports pack. Models of vehicles made in different countries can also have different brake systems. In view of this there are often a number of different options listed as correct for the same model of vehicle where in fact only one set is correct.

The factors that need to be taken into consideration when selecting the correct set are:

  • The diameter of the disc

  • The thickness of the disc

  • Difference in the original manufacturer brand of the brake system. The makers of the brake system on a vehicle can be different especially when a model of vehicle is manufactured in different countries and then brought to the UK

  • VIN (chassis number sequence. Sometimes the first 3 letters of the chassis number or the last 6, 7 or 8 characters will determine the correct part

  • Brake system code. This is commonly used with German vehicle brands

  • Sports pack or other factory upgrades

  • If the vehicle has ABS

  • If your vehicle requires brake wear sensors

What brand of brake pads should I choose?

There are number of brands of brake pads that you can choose. Some brands such as Bosch and TRW manufacture brake pads for the original car brands however there are many other brands available of the highest quality that meet or exceed the original specifications. Brands such as Blue Print, Febi, Quinton Hazell and Borg & Beck offer long warranties for peace of mind.

Choosing a pad set with an anti-squeal plate included (or pre-fitted) will reduce brake noise.

How can I tell my brake pads needs replacing?

We would always recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to see if your brake pads need to be replaced. Some vehicles will also show a warning light on the dash to indicate it is time to replace the pads. Some of the symptoms of failing pads are:

  • Noisy or squealing brakes

  • Grinding sound when you are braking

  • It takes longer to slow the vehicle down

  • There is damage on the face of the disc or pad

  • The brake pads are visually worn (thin)

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