What is an Exhaust?

An Exhaust plays an important role in the performance and sound of your vehicle. They remove harmful gases generated during combustion and enhance the engine's power by releasing hot, high-pressure gas resulting from the combustion process.

Exhausts also play an important role in reducing engine noise. One of the first signs of a failing exhaust is the increase in noise that it makes as the exhaust gas escapes through the cracks and holes as it fails. This noise is often referred to as ‘blowing’.

What comes with an exhaust?

Most exhausts and exhaust pipes are supplied on their own. The clamps and gaskets are not included (unless specifically stated).

The clamps and gaskets are available separately however we do have some exhaust parts where these clamps and gaskets are included as a fitting kit. If the fitting kit is included it will be listed in the part details.

It is good practice to change the release bearing or central slave cylinder when completing a clutch replacement as these additional parts do not cost much more than kits without them and if they fail later the cost of replacement is incurred again.

How do I choose the correct exhaust?

There are different sections to an exhaust system so you will need to know which section that you need to replace. Here are some factors to consider when choosing the correct part:

  • The year the vehicle was manufactured. This is not to be confused with the registration date

  • If the vehicle has a Catalyst or a DPF

  • The Euro emissions rating of the vehicle

  • If the rear silencer have a chrome trim or a sporty shape

  • The VIN (chassis number) sequence

What brand of exhaust should I choose?

We only stock exhausts brands where we are confident in their quality. Brands such as Klarius, BM Catalysts and Euro Flo warrant all of their parts for between 2 - 3 years (depending on brand) to indicate the confidence they have in their products.

How can I tell my exhaust needs replacing?

We would always recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to receive an accurate diagnosis that your exhaust needs replacement and which parts are required. Some of the symptoms of a failing exhaust are:

  • Metallic sounding rattle or vibration from the exhaust

  • The exhaust is louder than usual especially when revving the engine

  • You can smell exhaust fumes inside the vehicle

  • Sections or the exhaust system are hanging down or missing

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