Anti Roll Bar Links

Anti Roll Bar Links

What is an anti roll bar link?

An anti roll bar link is a part that connects the anti roll bar (also known as a sway bar) to the suspension system. The function of the anti roll bar is to transfer the energy and action of the suspension from one side of the vehicle to the other via the anti roll bar link. This is so the vehicle does not become unevenly balanced and roll over. This function is an important stability and safety feature.

How do I choose the correct anti roll bar link?

Compared to some other vehicle parts the anti roll bar link is one of the less complicated parts to choose a replacement. That being said there are still a number of things to note when identifying the correct part. Comparing the original part number (OE) is the best way to identify the correct part. When obtaining the OE number is not possible there some factors to check when searching for the correct replacement part:

  • Length of the link

  • Material of the link (i.e. aluminium, steel etc)

  • Sports or lowered suspension

  • If the link is listed for the left, right, front or rear

  • Vehicle manufacture date (this is not the date the vehicle was registered but the date it was made

  • Engine number sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

  • VIN (chassis number) sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

What brand of anti roll bar link should I choose?

Brands such as FAG offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects. Other brands like Apec, Delphi and Febi offer 3 year warranty cover on their parts. This level of warranty cover along with a relatively low price point make these great options.

Borg & Beck, Firstline and Quinton Hazell offer long warranties and can have a lower price too. All of the parts we stock are of the highest standard so the choice is often down to the correct parts availability and your budget.

How can I tell my anti roll bar link needs replacing?

The suspension system is an important safety feature of your vehicle. If you have any concerns about your suspension system we would recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic.

Here are some of the symptoms of a faulty anti roll bar link:

  • Knocking sound from the wheel area on uneven road surfaces or when going over bumps

  • The vehicle does not feel stable

  • Vehicle does not handle cornering well

  • Vehicle experiences body roll when turning

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