Wishbones / Suspension Arms

Wishbones / Suspension Arms

What is a wishbone (suspension arm)?

The wishbone (suspension arm) is an essential part of the suspension system. The wishbone provides a link between the suspension of the vehicle and the chassis. The wheel (wheel hub and knuckle) is held in place by the wishbone at one end. The other end is attached to the chassis of the vehicle. The wishbone has a ball joint on it that allows the wheel hub and knuckle to pivot which allows the vehicle to steer.

Wishbones are also known as:

  • Suspension arm

  • Suspension link

  • Control arm

  • A-arm

What comes with a wishbone (suspension arm)

Wishbones are supplied in different packages. Depending on the original manufacturers design and the aftermarket maker they can be available as follows:

  • Wishbone (with bushes)

  • Wishbone (with bushes) and ball joint included (pre-fitted)

  • Wishbone (with bushes) and ball joint included (pre-fitted) and additional hardware for fitting (bolts, nuts and screws etc)

The stock image will show the parts included. The information notes listed with the part will also indicate what is included.

How do I choose the correct wishbone (suspension arm)?

Suspension systems are often subject to factory upgrades depending on the specific variation of the model of vehicle. The best way to choose the correct part is to obtain the OE part number and search for matching parts. Our website has a useful search tool where you can search OE part numbers.

If you do not know the OE part number here are a few factors to consider in your search:

  • Standard suspension

  • Sports or lowered suspension

  • Self levelling suspension

  • Fitment location (Lower or upper, LH or RH etc)

  • Size of the ball joint cone (if included)

  • Type of headlights (Xenon or halogen)

  • Vehicle manufacture date (this is not the date the vehicle was registered but the date it was made

  • VIN (chassis number) sequence (up to or after as specific number/letter

What brand of wishbone (suspension arm) should I choose?

There are a good number of aftermarket makers of suspension parts. Wishbones are no exception. These parts are essential to the vehicle safety and are checked for wear or damage during a vehicle MOT. Aftermarket makers of these parts offer a great alternative to the original part. Brands such as Apec, Febi, Blue Print, NK and Napa offer warranty cover on their parts that range between 3 to 5 years (see specific brand for warranty info) which is a good indicator of quality.

When it comes to which brand you choose, we’d advise a brand that provides the longest warranty cover and also one that is within your budget.

How can I tell my wishbone (suspension arms) need replacing?

These parts often become damaged as a result of curb strikes or some other accident or collision. These parts are also exposed to the elements so they do wear out with age and use. An MOT test would identify if these parts were wearing out or had become damaged.

We would always recommend that you have your vehicle inspected by a qualified mechanic to receive an accurate diagnosis that your wishbones require replacement.

Some of the symptoms of failing or faulty wishbones (suspension arms) are:

  • Clunking or knocking noise from the suspension

  • Uneven tyre wear

  • Steering feels loose or vibrates

  • Vehicle strays to the left or right without driver input

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