With it being Valentine’s Day this Sunday, there’s never been a better time to pamper the one you love: Your car.

There’s no denying that during the colder months, it’s easier to neglect our cars slightly by leaving them out in the rain, driving them through muddy areas and forcing cold engines into life. This year, this won’t be helped by many vehicles left parked on driveways for longer periods of time than usual because of lockdown restrictions.

But don’t fret, with the cold weather taking its toll, why not give the gift of love this weekend? Here, online car parts distributor, PartsinMotion.co.uk, has some top tips for keeping your prized possession in good ‘nick’ this Valentine’s Day.

1.         Check your tyres

Ideally you should switch over to cold weather tyres before temperatures drop. However, don’t worry if you’ve left it too late, just be sure to check that your current tyres are in good condition.

They should have a legal minimum of 1.6mm depth in the tread, but for snow and ice this should be as close to 3mm as possible. They should also be clear of any bulging and cuts, as this can affect how safe they are.

2.         Don’t over inflate your tyres

It’s common for drivers to be eager to keep their tyres as inflated as possible, but this could actually cause you to slide in wet and icy weather as tyres become hard and rigid in cold temperatures.

By inflating your tyres to the maximum indicated pressure or just below, you will be more prepared for the cold weather as the tyres will keep some flexibility.

3.         Check your fluids

Keeping anti-freeze topped up in winter is essential for giving your car a helping hand. Make sure that the anti-freeze you purchase is suitable for minus temperatures.

Other fluids, such as windscreen wash and engine oil, should be checked regularly too.

Engine oil keeps your engine working at its best and will help prevent breakdowns, whilst windscreen wash runs out twice as fast in winter because of the extra fluid and grit that is spraying off the roads.

4.         Check your wipers

Wipers are vital in any down pour, so keeping them in top shape is just as important as looking after your tyres or making sure your lights work.

The rubber will wear down over time, so if your wipers don’t seem to be working properly and smear a lot, it may be time to look at getting them replaced.

In cold weather, it’s a good idea to lift your wipers up and off the windscreen overnight to prevent them from getting frozen to the window and the rubber tearing off.

5.         Check your battery

You can give your battery a visual check by looking to see whether there is any sign of corrosion on the connections or any visible damage and leaks on the battery.

If your battery is more than 3 years old, it may be worth taking it to your local garage to get them to test it, as it is likely that it will start losing juice once it gets past this point.

If your battery needs replacing, there are plenty of affordable batteries available at https://www.partsinmotion.co.uk/car-parts/electrical/battery to give you added peace of mind.

6.         Keep a survival kit in your car

Keeping items such as a blanket, phone charger and torch in your car is always a good idea during the winter just in case you break down.

Other items, such as a shovel, wellington boots and extra wiper fluid, should be considered too, as these could help in the event of adverse weather such as snow.