A recent report by moneyshake.com found that 86% of motorists don’t clean their car enough, hence they are missing out on a potential £1.4k when it comes to selling their vehicle on.

By keeping your vehicle clean, inside and out, you can increase its resale value by up to 10%. Depending on how much the vehicle is used and the weather, you should aim to clean your car every two to three weeks to keep it fully maintained.

It’s also been reported that a shocking 1 in 4 drivers almost never clean their car! With 18% of motorists cleaning their vehicle once or twice a year and most people claiming to do it every couple of months.

The pandemic has meant we are using our vehicles less as people haven’t been able to go out and about as much. The moneyshake.com report revealed 37% of drivers admitted to cleaning their car less in the pandemic as they weren’t using it as often. And only 12% of motorists said they cleaned it more, mainly to give themselves something to do!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a list of things you can do to keep your car clean and help increase its resale value.

1.     Clean the dashboard and displays with a damp cloth

These are key to safety; a build up of dirt and debris can lead to scratches on displays so you’re unable to read important information. Use a protective spray on the dashboard and regularly clean displays with a damp cloth to maintain this interior.

2.     Use cleaning solution on the upholstery

Your seats usually feel the brunt of wear and tear if they aren’t treated properly. Whether it’s coffee spills or your kids’ sticky hands, the seats take on a lot of mess over the years. Depending on the material of your seats you should regularly clean them with a proper solution to remove marks and stains. You can also use a protective solution when you first purchase a car to cover the upholstery in, that way it’s easy to clean over the years.

3.     Don’t neglect the bumpers, inside wheel walls and undercarriage

Particularly in the winter, a build-up of ice, snow and salt can lead to corrosion. And while us Brits cannot predict the weather, its best to keep on top of cleaning the undercarriage and bumpers to prevent future issues.

4.     Use rubber mats to protect the carpets

Muddy shoes and car carpets are a dangerous combination. Try to keep on top of these by vacuuming them regularly and using a sponge and water to remove stains as soon as possible. The best way to protect them though is by using rubber mats on top of your carpets, these can be easily hosed down and cleaned, leaving your carpets underneath in pristine condition.

5.     Treat your vehicle with a wax and polish twice a year

Try giving your vehicle a wax and polish before summer and before winter and you’ll have the shiniest motor on the street! Polishing is done to buff out any scratches in the paintwork and the wax gives an extra layer of protection to prevent further exterior damage.

6.     Keep your air filters clean

By vacuuming dirt and debris out of the air filters you’ll be able to keep clean air flowing through your vehicle and maintain these areas so they won’t need replacing as often. The recommended time between replacing air filters is every 12,000 to 15,000 miles, by giving them a clean you can ensure they are working to their maximum effect during this time.

7.     Clean the engine with a grease-cutting detergent

Having a clean engine offers many benefits including it running cooler and more efficiently, making it easier to spot leaks or issues and making routine checks less dirty if this component is clean. Make sure you cover key parts like electricals, distributor and air intake before getting to work on scrubbing the engine.

8.     Protect door and window seals

This is essential for weather-proofing your vehicle. Try applying a protectant to seals to keep them on top form. This will also stop mould build up and avoid the door getting stuck to the seal.

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