Regulations in place to help motorists understand choices on car servicing and repair

Did you know *72% of consumers believe their vehicle has to be returned to a franchised dealer for servicing and / or repairs so as not to invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. 

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However, there are regulations in place meaning, by law, motorists don’t need to use franchised dealerships for servicing, MOT’s and other repair work - and that going elsewhere will not necessarily invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty. 

The Your Car – Your Choice campaign promotes the message that choosing an independent garage can save motorists time and is a cost-effective way to maintain their car. 

Today’s modern vehicles are so complex that only trained and accredited technicians really know how to diagnose and repair a vehicle. Trained independent technicians work on all makes and models of vehicles and therefore offer both the knowledge and experience to carry out a high-quality service to motorists.

The Your Car – Your Choice website also calls on independent garages to maintain high standards of customer service, promoting the need for continuous investment, training and development. 

Under block exemption regulations (BER), any independent garage can service and repair an owner’s car within the manufacturer’s warranty period providing replacement parts used are of OE-matching quality and are recorded as such. Vehicles must be serviced in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer service schedules. 

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