Garages and service centres should prepare for the MOT season with NAPA’s new bulb dispensing stand, providing technicians with easy access to its popular bulb range, says

NBUS175 BULB STAND 001 small

Lighting and signalling are some of the most common MOT failures, as the light from headlights deteriorate, the quality of light declines.

This makes lighting one of the most important safety areas - especially in winter as the distance seen by drivers at night and during the winter months decreases as the clarity of the roads get dimmer. Plus, drivers tend to ignore a faulty bulb until it’s time for an MOT or service.

As a safety-critical part, it is important to check bulbs regularly and replace in pairs to give drivers a clear, brighter view of the roads.

In response to this, NAPA has launched a new bulb dispensing stand, available at, to ensure technicians have bulbs on hand at the point of installation.

NAPA’s bulb dispensing stand is designed to be wall mounted, holds 175 units and is made up of quantities of the 16 most popular replacement 12V bulbs, in single box format – the perfect solution for housing bulb stock in the workshop right next to the job in hand.

NAPA bulbs are manufactured to high quality standards, made to OE specification and are ECE approved. The comprehensive range features popular Halogen, HID and Auxiliary bulbs, are reliable, like for like replacements and suitable for all lighting applications.

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