As the perilous conditions of winter driving remain into the New Year, is reminding drivers to be wary of road conditions that can inflict damage to their vehicles’ components.

Winter Potholes small

The proliferation of potholes on the UK’s roads is something drivers across the country are well accustomed to, but the damage this can cause to suspension isn’t something that may spring to mind.

Compounded by the corrosive behaviours of long-term exposure to salt and grit laid down throughout the winter months, suspension is often a forgotten victim of the chillier climates.

Matt Gates, director of, says: “Suspension plays a fundamental part in the car’s relationship with the road and is under constant pressure from undulations in the surface. Suspension damage or failures can be catastrophic, so it is crucial that drivers stay on top of any issues and replace any corroded or damaged components, from springs to dampers to shock absorbers. This is especially essential during the winter months where grit salt can corrode the vehicle’s springs, as well as the omnipresent pothole risk we’re all too familiar with. stocks coil, leaf, gas and sport suspension suitable for all makes and models, from high-quality brands such as KYB, NAPA and Kilen. These springs are made from specialist spring-steel, designed to protect from corrosion, and strengthened through the manufacturing process, by powder-coating, shot peening and the use of galvanised materials.”

The most common suspension problems indicating the need for replacement or repair include poor wheel alignment, which can have serious implications on how the car drives and corners, in turn affecting tyre wear and reducing grip in cold and wet conditions. Worn suspension can cause break down of shock absorbers, which will give drivers a bumpier ride.’s warning comes as the RAC reports that its breakdown patrols attended more than 10,000 pothole related breakdowns in 2021, the highest figure since 2018.

Nicholas Lyes, head of roads policy at RAC, said: “The rot appears to have well and truly set in when it comes to the country’s roads with our patrols going out to vast numbers of drivers who, through no fault of their own, are breaking down because of the wear-and-tear caused by potholes.

“Inevitably we have plenty of cold weather still to come this winter and we fear that by the spring the number of drivers running into problems will rise even further. Not getting our roads into a decent shape is simply storing up more problems – and more expense – for the future.”