has redoubled its efforts to play its part in the automotive aftermarket’s wider aims to be more environmentally friendly.

Global attention is put towards the effect on the environment caused by the automotive industry but Matt Gates, director of, says there are also efforts to be made by the aftermarket to support wider green objectives.

“We’re looking to be a partner to our aftermarket suppliers that is conscious of the urgent global need to reduce waste, be more efficient with energy, and lay the foundations for the industry to be more sustainable, as the automotive industry on the whole moves forward with future mobility solutions,” says Matt Gates, director of has analysed its business activity and evaluated environmental impacts, which will lead to new initiatives throughout the company’s operations that ultimately aim to improve environmental performance.

“We continue to look at everything within the business such as our courier environmental credentials, packaging, delivery transport emissions, and waste management, and look to minimise the impact on the environment,” added Gates.