Summer is finally here! Heatwave? Check. School over and out? Check. It’s time for the great British summer holidays and if you’re heading out on the UK roads then we’ve got you covered with our ‘Great Big Summer Road Trip Checklist’.


Let’s face it, this is the UK, so a summer down pour is inevitable! Making sure your wipers are in top shape is just as important as looking after your tyres or ensuring your lights work.

The rubber will wear down over time, so if your wipers don’t seem to be working properly and smear a lot, it may be time to look at getting them replaced. At we have the wash and wipe parts you need to keep your windscreen clear for visibility and safety from brands including Bosch, Valeo and Champion.

MOT and Service

You’ve got your sun cream and sat nav, but what about your MOT certificate? All vehicles need an up-to-date MOT certificate every year to ensure it is roadworthy. So don’t get caught out on your travels this summer, make sure you have had your MOT and service done and your vehicle is in tip top condition to get to your holiday destination. Check in with your local garage to get your MOT booked now – and you can even sign up for MOT reminders at


A quick and easy check! Make sure your screen wash, engine oil, coolant and brake fluids are topped up. If you need to stock up on any vehicle fluids, visit to view our full range of fluids and lubricants.


This covers headlamps, brake lights and indicators. Even if the days are lighter, you still need to ensure all bulbs are in working order. With brands such as OSRAM and NAPA, we’ve got something for every vehicle!


Check the condition of your tyres by making sure there are no visible punctures or bulges, and the tread legally must be at least 1.6mm. If you’re unsure, visit your local garage to get them checked by a professional.

Air Conditioning

Travelling in a hot and stuffy car is not the best way to start your holiday, so make sure your air conditioning is in working order. If not, then don’t fret, our air conditioning parts range covers a variety of vehicle makes and models, including vehicles with automatic climate control.

Breakdown kit

Having a bag in the boot of items such as a blanket, phone charger, hi-vis jacket and first aid kit in your vehicle is always a good idea, just in case you break down en route!

Head over to to get your vehicle ready for that summer road trip and discover our full car parts collections from brands including Bosch, KYB, Napa, Juratek, Borg & Beck and First Line. Simply enter your vehicle registration at or live chat with one of our product experts to find the correct parts for your vehicle.