With all the extra spray from not just rain but also ice and snow, wiper blades will get a good workout during the colder months. To maintain a good level of visibility at all times PartsInMotion.co.uk says motorists should check their wiper blades for signs of wear and tear.

Matt Gates, managing director at PartsInMotion.co.uk comments: “Drivers should be giving their wiper blades a regular clean throughout the year to give them the best chance of clearing the windscreen and ensuring they are in the best condition at all times.”

The arrival of autumn brings with it the rainy and snowy seasons. As windscreen wipers areone of the most hard-working parts of a vehicle, but the least durable thanks to the constant attack from weather conditions, bugs, pollen and leaves, the recommendation is to replace them every 12 months.

Gates adds: “The key signs wiper blades need replacing are smears and streaks on the glass, which are usually caused by cracked edges in the wiper blades’ rubber structure. They could also start squeaking and skipping as the wiper moves across the windscreen due to hardened rubber as the blade ages.”

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